At Tri-Star Gymnastics we offer various programs right at your school home or business. We offer a 30 to 60 minute classes to suit your needs. Our objectives are to provide a fun and safe learning experience for each of our students and parents. We strive to encourage learning, respect for oneself, and respect for others. Gymnastics provides reading readiness through perceptual motor skills for the preschool student, teaches children to be a member of a team/group, enhances motor development, coordination, poise, and agility. Gymnastics also increases self-confidence as a mover and allows the students to make new friends. It improves listening skills, and is FUN!
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Tumbling Classes For Dancers or Cheerleaders Maximum students allowed per class is “5” We will set up at your home: Classes are normally held indoors in a 6 x 12 area We will try our best to accommodate your needs with SAFETY as #1 priority Please keep in mind that classes may be canceled due to weather!  
Please visit the schedule page for Booking!